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Educator & Author Angie Marino is the owner of Writing Wonders.  She received a BS in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish at DePaul University in Chicago.  A mother of three, she has been teaching for 18 years in elementary and high school both in the states and abroad. Her love of language and her extensive experience in instructional design has helped her to nurture students' interest in writing and language while imparting technical skill.


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Artist Kim Murdock is the owner of Afterschool Art and More, and has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with Writing Wonders and More. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Art degree at Buffalo State College in 1999, and has since dedicated her life to teaching thousands of children in the Triangle that there are no mistakes in art. Creative problem solving skills are routinely emphasized to empower children with self-confidence that will last a lifetime. 

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We are both LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED grassroots organizations committed to providing high quality, personal and professional enrichment programming in Art, Writing and Spanish for families in Chapel Hill, Durham and Pittsboro. Your support is vital and greatly appreciated. Thank you!


The kids love your class, and count the days till the next class. They are really excited about it & I am really impressed with what you have them doing in class.
— Chapel Hill parent


BEHAVIORAL Expectations

A socially appropriate standard of behavior is expected from every participant.

  1. During structured teaching time, we expect that each individual will be able to take direction, stay on task, and respect the guidance of all staff and teachers.

  2. During playground time, breaks (snack or bathroom), before or after care, we expect each individual to respect the rules of the facility as well as the rules Afterschool Art and More.

  3. All rules are safety oriented. Please contact Kim Murdock if you would like a detailed list of Christ Church Playground safety rules. 

  4. In all situations, at all times, campers must refrain from physical aggression or verbal bullying. It will not be tolerated.

Behavior that does not meet these basic standards will be brought to the attention of the parent and may result in dismissal with no credit, refund or make up day at the sole discretion of the teachers, if unacceptable behavior continues. Our programs are therapeutic in nature but we are by no means certified to address behaviors or conditions (diagnosed or un-diagnosed) that preclude a positive outcome.